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Elijah & Me.  Photo by Lisa Woods Photography.

Second Chance Custom

This guy and I go back - like way, way back.  Think pig-tails and holes-in-the-knees first grade kind of way back. My first memory of him includes a shy smile, freckles, and denim that was too short for his lanky legs.

He makes me think of home, and growing up in a small town.  But just as Dumas, Texas has evolved, changed, and grown, so has he.

He lives in Austin now and is not so quiet anymore, but he still wears cut-offs.  He is a thinker, and I love knowing his craftsmanship speaks through him, of him.  With his craft, he is living out what he feels and believes, and there's so much to respect and admire in that. He would say I give him too much credit, but I reserve the right to some poetic notions.

It's a pleasure to get to rediscover someone from your past, especially when it is a bit of a surprise. I should have known by his quiet disposition that he was an artist in hiding, but I did not.  Truth be known, I don't think he did either. In some ways, I am meeting him for the first time.  So, without further nostalgic adieu, meet Elijah Godfrey, a true-blue, bearded, opinionated soul with a story and with a past - much like the wood he rescues.