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Nosh as in 'devour', sheen, 'sweet'.  In essence, sweet to taste.  Meet Nosheen Iqbal.  She was born to help us develop an aesthetic sweet tooth as I have yet to see her work without wanting more.
Leaving her successful position in a name-brand retail design company to pursue a personal creative journey and stay at home with her two lovely daughters, she and her art have been subject to change in a good way.
Her work is not only beautiful and unique but tells a story.  Whether it be a color story, collaborative journey, or playful expression, it is a story none the less.   When I see her work I feel I have a poet on my  wall - her poetry in threads and lines - and she speaks to me in color.  It is intricate, purposed, meaningful - a modern expression, yet cultured.  Art.

And though I envision her in museums one day, what I love about her work is that she has something for everyone from vastly intricate to whimsically simple. You will not be disappointed as you take the time to get to know her and her embroidered poetry.  Honestly,  I have a feeling we need to eat her up while we can.