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Moon Rivers Naturals

My friends, when I found MRN, I felt like I had hit gold.  I first gawked at their branding - stunning - and literally repeated over and over, "Please be legit.  Please be legit.  Please be legit" as I turned over to the ingredients and squealed like a hippie in March. They. Are. Legit. 

I practically hugged the bottle of body scrub as I cornered Stephanie and gushed.  I am pretty positive we became best friends and they are naming their next child after me.  I may be reading into things, but surely the feeling is mutual. ;)

In all seriousness, Stephanie & Stephen have created a brand named after their adorable son and homestead that is not only beautiful and pleasing to the eye, but beautiful and pleasing to the body + soul.  Their instincts and aesthetics are catching the attention of many name brand retailers as we speak, and they just give a cool nod as they keep-on-keepin-on. 

If you are ever in Tyler, Texas you must visit their stunning organic studio and see their skills in action.  It is a lively little place with aromas of essential oils and happiness.  You will be welcomed, and you may not want to leave and even ask if you can work there.  It's that alluring.  Tell them I sent you, shake their little guys hand, rub babyMoon (they have one on the way!), and breathe it all in.