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Alex + Emily.  They have last names, but truly, getting a word between them just would not seem right!

Not to say they are long winded - quite the opposite. They say just enough - similar to their design - not too much, not too little but as the saying goes, just right.

In other words, this Dallas based duo is in good form.  Emily is elegant, even in overalls, and has a deep quality in her gaze, which is interesting because I would say the same of Alex - minus the elegance - a match made.  Yes, they are an item, and soon to be married, which makes them all the more yummy.

They had me at coasters. Coasters.  How does one swoon at coasters?  Apparently,  I wasn't the only one as that is how they got their start.  One coaster at a time.  (Check the shop, and you will see why.)  It speaks to their approachable and lively modern product line, but there is more to them than clean lines and function I assure you.  There are good things ahead for these two.