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About HIVEhome Market:

Hi, I'm Andea, and I am delighted you have come across HIVEhome Market.  This endeavor is truly a labor of love, but also logic, even living-poetry for me.  Let me explain...

Some of my earliest childhood memories consist of make-believe markets.  I remember setting up shop in my grandparents’ back room and selling handmade items to family & friends that would oblige my enthusiasm.  My uncle Danny was my best client.  Needless to say, the entrepreneur bug hit me early, and I did not need excuse to spend my time creating.  In my mind,  sharing these creations was sharing part of me.

I may not have described it that way then, but as an adult, wife, mom, daughter, friend, artist, writer, and so on, this is important to me - the relationship between the creation and the maker.  What I create is part of me, and I want to share it, be known by it, and more importantly inspire others to do the same.  

With that said, if you see something in my store, it is because I value it, but more so, because I value the maker.  I see them in their craft. Whether it be their process, their design, or their vision as a whole, I see them and want to know more.  I want a relationship.    

And then - I want to share.

In essence, this is how I view HIVEhome.  Therefore, whether you are a customer, a maker, a competitor, friend, or new acquaintance, you are welcome to stay.  Look around, tell me what you think, let me know a bit of your story - start a relationship with us and get to know the people behind our product.  I look forward to getting to know you, and if you find something that inspires you here, share it.

From our HIVEhome to yours - and vise versa. ;)


COMING SOON: A more in-depth look into our HIVEhome at our blog